Social Business Opportunity (SoBO) Ecosystem

Precision Marketing & Faster Deal Closing

Precision Advertising and Marketing Service

ChinaNet has committed to leveraging the business value created from the massive amount of transaction data generated from the initial phase of startup businesses, and to provide a data service platform with essential services that will help entrepreneurial businesses with an easier and faster start. ChinaNet’s Advertising and Marketing Cloud is the essential foundation of our social business opportunity ecosystem for any new business. With the omnichannel CloudX intelligence application and digital advertising and marketing services, we are able to serve any new business for their needs at important early stages of their business cycle with a one-stop solution. This includes advertising, marketing, operation and management, covering the structure of core digital marketing, establishment and management of sales affiliates, the technology and system needed for O2O, DSP and DMP advertising and marketing implementation, and financial value-added services needed for sales expansion. As a result of a combined and complete data integration, we are able to achieve more, and more precise, CPS(cost per sales) digital marketing results for our customers through our advertising and marketing cloud and various internet and mobile data portals, including,, and, and continuously improve the accuracy and effectiveness of our cloud service.

Data Analysis Service

The data analysis service, a continuation from cloud based marketing service, provides our customers with data analysis made possible from the integration of advertising and marketing data with sales and in-store management data and other 3rd-party data generated from our partnered solution providers in our overall SoBO ecosystem. The service is provided with B-Store intelligent store management cloud service as its core and relayed on technical hardware advantages and advantages of a cloud, with visual display and application integration on geographical areas, including sales-chain management and analysis, in-store marketing and sales, customer relationship management and cash and POS management. It also integrates with Baidu Direct, Baidu Payment, Baidu Search Engine and other services through online and offline interaction, elite CRM, shop management, and a cash register system. ChinaNet’s proprietary big data analysis platform builds the relationship for entrepreneurs with consumers to make data more valuable.

Membership Point Rewarding and Exchanging Platform Plan

By integrating our marketing and advertising cloud,and data management and analysis cloud services with other SaaS providers, we aim to create additional social values for both businesses and consumers in our SoBO (Social Business Opportunity) ecosystem. Membership rewards and an exchange platform will provide the last link to complete our designated values of the ecosystem and moving forward, it will target to link across all major e-commerce platforms in China. This membership platform will consist of functions for recording and integrating data from different data and service partners and interchanging among partners within its credit trading system, with different rules set up and accepted by individual partners. ChinaNet will integrate members' features, transactions, financial contributions, contact conditions and a number of other indicators in order to assess the value of members. This helps corporations find high value groups, and mine and promote the value from such groups, increasing consumer loyalty and helping the business grow.


Our Information

Established in 2003, ChinaNet (NASDAQ:CNET) is the first listed company in China to build a versatile ecosystem on business opportunities for consumer expenditure. As an internet,transitioning to a SaaS based, company, our core focus is to promote business expansion and sales opportunities for SMEs. In order to do so, we provide our SME customers with learning-based precision advertising and marketing SaaS service by combining internet/mobile advertising technology, cloud computing and data analysis systems.

ChinaNet now has more than 500 employees serving 3,000 SME customers. The annual revenue exceeds USD$30million. Our business has spread worldwide, including Beijing, Shanghai, GuangZhong, WuHan, Hong Kong, Taiwan and North America.

In 2015, our Chinese name officially changed from "中网在线" to "中网 载线", and we began to build the Social Business Opportunities (SoBO) ecosystem to lay the foundation of a new future for the company. Through our years of accumulated business experience and success with SMEs, we integrated our existing internet portals with an advertising and marketing SaaS service (CloudX)to include more sophisticated data-mining and analysis technology to discover and link the data on offline business operation with online marketing data, realizing online to offline (O2O) data linkage and integration. We now connect consumer behavior data by areas and business district, with online marketing and advertising activities. This helps SMEs and SOHOs to more precisely and efficiently manage their offline sales, and easily attract additional business through mobile and internet advertising and marketing.

The SoBO ecosystem is illustrated with the tagline: Magnetizing - Operating - Dealing - Paying. "Paying" is the end of every business activity cycle, but it is also the start of collecting operation data for a new business transaction. By providing customers our technology and service, we solve two major problems faced by SMEs: expanding and managing sales with faster and more efficient methods, resulting in precise marketing and faster deal closing; which leads to shorter payment times, positive cash flow, and higher survival rates for SMEs and SOHOs as a result.

For our staff, ChinaNet is the place for chasing dreams, expanding careers, and becoming a better self. For society, ChinaNet is creating the SoBO ecosystem for entrepreneurship in China and in the world. We have the responsibility and mission to lead the industry’s development, and the focus to help anyone who wishes to chase the business dream.

Our Culture


To build the most competitive global business ecosystem


Become the most professional business data analysis server for SMEs. Precisely discover business opportunity, professionally use data to manage business , and efficiently expand business.


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Integrity/ Diligence/ Innovation/ Collaboration

2003-2005: Starting

ChinaNet-Online (“ChinaNet”) was established in 2003 under the name “Business Opportunity Online” and grew to become a meaningful resale agent for several leading internet media companies, including Sina, SoHu, Netease and Tencent, and search engines, like Baidu and Google. In order to provide customers with a full range of services with detailed and accurate marketing results, the web portal,, was launched in 2005. The Company moved its headquarters to the heart of China's IT industry, ZhongGuanCun( 中关村), to gain access to more talented professionals with business and technology expertise.elit. Iusto, optio, dolorum provident rerum aut hic quasi placeat iure tempora laudantium ipsa ad debitis unde? Iste voluptatibus minus veritatis qui ut.

2006-2008: Multi-level Development

ChinaNet started to diversify its business and increase the depth of its product portfolio by establishing the TV advertising business unit. ChinaNet successfully completed a series of capital raises in 2007 to accelerate its growth. In 2008, the company applied for a public listing. Meanwhile, was revised and evolved to be the vertical web portal for the franchise industry with the highest internet traffic.

2009-2010: Successful Listing and International Expansion

With the support from its board, new shareholders and financial advisors, ChinaNet began its listing on NASDAQ on September 14th, 2010. It was the first online advertising and marketing company in China serving small-to-medium sized franchises to go public in the U.S. Approximately 99% of Chinese enterprises are SMEs and they contribute approximately 60% to China’s gross domestic product.

In 2010, ChinaNet actively participated in activities to strengthen its brand. The Company sponsored a series of public events about Chinese college students called the Entrepreneur Forum, which was hosted jointly by the PRC Ministry of Education, the CYL Central Committee, Ministry of Civil Affairs, United Front Work Department and Ministry of Human Resources and Social Security. ChinaNet also participated in several franchise trade exhibitions, including the Taiwan International Chain and Franchise Autumn Exhibition from September 17th to 20th, its first strategic expansion into Taiwan.

2011 Transition Year

With the successful listing in NASDAQ,the Company used internally generated cash flow and new capital to fund a series of acquisitions and product innovations to enhance its product portfolio and strengthen its brand management capabilities. In 2011, we started to launch other portals, and to expand our customer base. In addition, we began to launch our major and value-added service in the categorization of different data characteristics identified through our service to our SME clients and these services were supported by four different arrays of technological internet platforms: entrepreneurial platform, sales and marketing platform, brand building and management platform and operation management platform. With this product and service portfolio, we started to lay the foundations for expanding our customer base to 47million SMEs in China and building our future data and cloud service. Meanwhile, we added talented individuals across the entire organization, particularly in sales marketing and technology, and begin cooperating internationally. Through cooperation with international partners, we strengthened our technology development and database management capabilities. This was the beginning year of our major transformation.

2013:10 years of Entrepreneurship

ChinaNet held a successful 10-year gratitude event, "中网十年感恩客户暨招商行 业分享盛会", dedicated to our clients for their support during the past 10 years on August 17th, 2013 and also let our clients know the meaningfulness of our transitions. From here, we started the second phase of our transformation as we gradually moved into full digital and internet service and slowly reduced our traditional media business. We were the first in the Chinese advertising and marketing industry to actually start to combine online and offline advertising and marketing and combine data collected through both internet and mobile.

2015:Building up the Social Business Opportunities (SoBO)

During 2015, the Corporation's Chinese name officially changed from "中网在线" to "中网载线", and started to build the business opportunities ecosystem. Through business opportunities channels which had built up from past success, the corporation distribution terminal data collection technology via cloud computing technology to mine the offline channel operation data, and by relying on the integrations of consumer data to connect areas and business district, ChinaNet is able to help SMEs precisely and efficiently manage their sales channel, and more easily magnetize the surrounding business opportunity.

ChinaNet intends to create organic growth opportunities for the SoBO ecosystem. The Company is utilizing the data gained and magnetizing the business opportunity - Operating - Dealing – Paying, by having and building up a closer strategic corporation with BAT. In the next three years, ChinaNet’s main developments will be focused on achieving co-prosperity of the SoBO ecosystem strategy from social business opportunities to business operation and to individual consumers.

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